Universal Fellowship Organization

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About Us

Universal Fellowship Organization is a registered non-profit organization in Kenya. The Organization was registered by the Government of Kenya in the year 2000 under the Societies Act Rule 4 of the laws of Kenya.

The Organizations vision is to be a leading agent of sustainable reduction of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, HIV and AIDS, diseases, sexual and gender based violence, and environmental pollution among others.

Our mission is to educate and empower most vulnerable individuals and community members in the poorest communities of Kenya through multi- sectoral innovative initiatives.

Our Motto: "Knowledge is Power"

Our current project: Educational Support for Most Vulnerable Children In Kenya.

We request donors to donate US $ 10 and inform others to donate US $ 10 towards this needy case in Kenya. These donations are going to restore hope in these most vulnerable children in Kenya.

All donations to be payable to Universal Fellowship Organization.

Thanks for your timely support. Bishop Raymond Mutama. Universal Fellowship Organization Executive Director.