Epworth United Methodist Church, Gaithersburg MD

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About Us

Epworth is a Church
On fire through the Holy Spirit
United at the Feet of Christ
Impassioned to share the gospel of Grace
That we and our community may be inspired, transformed, revived, and freed through Christ 

Goal 1: Flourish as a Multicultural & Multilingual Church community united by Christ.

Goal 2: Develop and sustain vital, organic, and diverse worship that is pleasing to God and moves our church and community into deeper relationship with Christ.

Goal 3: Prioritize strong and sustainable children, youth, and young adult discipleship as a primary pillar of the church in order to raise-up a generation that knows and loves the Lord with heart, soul, and mind. 

Goal 4: DO risk-taking outreach, hospitality, and publicity in order to become a church OF the community living out our faith.

Goal 5: Cultivate a Christ-centered financial vision that trusts God’s provision, strengthens our role as stewards, and commits to short and long-term planning so that we can sustain ministry we are called to do.

Goal 6: Deepen personal spiritual growth for all members as we build a strong and sustainable spiritual base for leadership short and long-term