I AM not the MEdia, Inc.

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About Us

Incorporated in May 2011, I AM not the MEdia is a nonprofit organization in Charlotte, NC. The organization strives to strengthen and empower the minds of teens and young adults against the negative influences of the media through educational programs and events.


To empower adolescents to become conscious viewers of the media, critical desion makers and to embrace their individuality and uniqueness.


I AM not the MEdia empowers and educates through our three "Power Outlets."

Our three Power Outlets include: THE PROJECT, THE CAMPAIGN, and THE PROGRAMS

THE PROJECT: The Project, also known as "The Teens And Media Project," serves the sole purpose of identifyng and sheddiing light on the negative influences the media has on teens' psychological, emotional and social development. This is done by... the Teens and Media Study which is comprised of surveys taken by teens between the ages of 13 to 19, which provides up to date stats and creates an accurate depiction of the progressive influence of the media and its correlation with advances in technology. THE CAMPAIGN: The Goal of the Campaign is to: -Spread awareness on the negative influences of the media on today's society -Empower individuals to become resilient viewers of the media -Create a positive platform for self expression amongst Entertainers -And to ignite a movement of self pride With our PRO-ME-Line which consist of our collection of PRO-ME-TEES and other PROmotional items that PROmote self pride, a movement of self-empowerment and self acceptance is sparked. THE PROGRAMS: The program curriculum for I AM not the MEdia has six focus areas which are known as our 6 channels. Our 6 channels focus on areas where teens are highly influenced by the media and strives to teach “ME-Control." Go to our official website to find out more information about our programs and to view our Program Guide.


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