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Founded in 1970, we are the premier global publisher and the essential source of news and analysis for over 150,000 tax professionals, with correspondents in more than 125 countries, and a staff of almost 200. You can get an idea of our work at

Tax Analysts offers a casual work environment -- relaxed dress code and pet friendly -- where talented individuals come together to produce great work. Our staff enjoys free covered parking, an exercise room with showers, and a working environment that embraces team collaboration and innovation. Here you will have the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling career and still have time for what's important to you personally, such as family, travel, education, or giving back to the community.

We are committed to providing a workplace that offers family-friendly policies and a flexible atmosphere that caters to the needs of working professionals. We strive to offer a realistic work/life balance, competitive compensation, and a generous benefits package.

Mission Statement

To shed light on tax policy and administration through aggressive, unbiased reporting and informed commentary from the leaders in the field.


Tax Analysts is a non-partisan, nonprofit publisher of news and commentary about federal, state, and international tax issues under the brand Tax Notes. We also hold and sponsor conferences about timely issues of tax policy and administration. Through our investigative journalism and, if necessary, the courts, we shed light on government actions that affect taxes by bringing secretive decision-making into the open. Through our publications, conferences, and other activities, we engage with the broad tax community.

Our customers are respected influencers, decision-makers, and policy makers around the world, including those who write, interpret, and enforce tax law in the United States: the IRS, the U.S. Tax Court, and tax writers in Congress. We are an indispensable resource for those who teach and study tax law in academia, and for those in the nonprofit sector who fight for transparency and fairness and who debate the future of tax law. We are valued by those who practice and provide in-house counsel on tax law in the legal, accounting, and corporate spaces, respectively. These entities all depend on Tax Notes to cut through the noise and focus in on what really matters, with in-depth analysis and insight to simplify complex tax topics and help tax professionals understand the implications for changes in tax policy.

Who We Are

Tax Analysts is a team of inquisitive and provocative tax experts — award-winning journalists, lawyers, accountants, and economists — committed to producing the most accurate, timely, and thorough tax coverage. We are the premier outlet for high-quality tax news and commentary and are committed to improving the transparency of tax systems by covering issues the mainstream press does not and aggressively using the Freedom of Information Act to uncover documents addressing issues of tax policy and administration.

Organizational History

Tax Analysts was founded in 1970 to foster an open and informed discussion about taxes. We began to publish our federal tax magazine in 1972, and we added our international and state magazines in 1989 and 1991, respectively. Each of these weekly magazines provides the best coverage available on the latest changes in tax policy and administration, as well as on court opinions, legislative action, and revenue rulings. We added online daily news services for federal, international, and state taxation between 1987 and 1991, and we produce several research and reference tools as well as specialized services focusing on tax-exempt organizations, state tax audit guidance, and multinational tax treaties.

At the start, we sought to defend the public interest and force tax policymaking into the open. We first sued the IRS in 1972 to gain public access to private letter rulings (PLRs) and technical advice memoranda (TAMs) — crucial documents through which the IRS provided legal advice to specific taxpayers and IRS field agents. The courts gave us access to PLRs, and Congress soon required the IRS to publicly disclose its TAMs. Over the years, we have also used the Freedom of Information Act to force the IRS and state revenue departments to publicly share information about tax assessments and exemptions they have provided in private decisions.

We marked the start of a new era for Tax Analysts in 2006 by moving into a new headquarters building in Falls Church, VA. From our origins as a tiny nonprofit that operated on a shoestring budget, we are now a global publisher, have a full-time headquarters staff of almost 200 employees, and over 250 correspondents spanning more than 125 countries. More than 150,000 tax professionals in law and accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions rely on our in-depth federal, state, and international content every day.

Tax Analysts is a tax publisher and does not provide tax advice or preparation services.


Founded in 1970, we are the premier global publisher and the essential source of news and analysis for over 150,000 tax professionals, with correspondents in more than 125 countries, and a staff of almost 200. You can get an idea of our work at www…

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