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About Us

PCSI has two primary customers: the Federal Government and the State of Texas. We are a nonprofit agency which provides services under the AbilityOne (Formerly JWOD) and Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped (TIBH) programs. Current services that we provide are: Hospital Housekeeping, Facilities Maintenance & Engineering, Grounds Maintenance, Custodial Services, Food Services, Vehicle Operations & Maintenance, Commissary, Administrative Services, and Warehouse Operations. PCSI operates on a nationwide basis. We operate in excess of 40 contracts in nine states. PCSI currently employs approximately 1,300 individuals.

Our rehabilitation philosophy is based on Building "People" Support. The supervisor is key to the success of the worker with a disability. The support and commitment of supervisors requires planning, education, support, and feedback. We help supervisors prepare for the specific needs of the individual by providing written information, contacts with community resources, and interaction with people who have disabilities. We've created an internal network and increased awareness throughout the organization.

Knowledge of a person's performance expectations, reliability, and special needs is paramount. With the addition of direct job related training we insure these individuals will prove to be tremendous assets to the organizations and activities they support.

All individuals placed will be fully capable of performing the jobs and tasks required to meet the mission. The fact is that we don't hire individuals for their disabilities; we hire them for their abilities!

PCSI employs individuals with various disabilities which include but are not limited to:

  • Hearing impairments
  • Visual impairments
  • Mental limitations
  • Physical limitations
  • Substance abuses
  • other noted disabilities

We also work with Wounded Warriors to place veterans, as well as all veterans from all branches and previous tours (i.e. Vietnam Veterans). To learn more about our organization, visit our website: