Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation

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About Us

People with disabilities have many skills to share with the world but in many cases need someone's help so they can be realized. The ConnecTra Society is a non-profit organization that is looking for volunteers to serve in a mentoring role to people with physical disabilities. The position will involve working with the ConnecTra Staff and meeting with clients one-on-one to help them determine their goals and assist in achieving them. This can include employment, volunteering or recreational opportunities. This is a six-month project we need volunteers throughout this six-month project. We are looking for a half-day-a-week commitment from people with experience in business, government or the non-profit sector. If you'd like to mentor a person with a physical disability, share your knowledge and help others reach their goals, then the ConnecTra Society is looking for you. Knowledge is a wonderful thing to share; share yours!