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About Us

Umoja Now is a Burundian organization working to build sustainable peace by uniting the men and women to promote gender justice and equality, and to end gender based and sexual violence. Umoja is a Swahili word meaning "Unity." Africans stress community and family above the individual, and believe that "I am we." Umoja Now uses this spirit of togetherness and unity to help build a safe and compassionate world for all Africans. Our goal is to bring men and women together to promote gender justice through education and training, social policy development and advocacy, economic development, promotion of arts and culture, and partner collaboration. We fulfill our mission by: •Working with men and women on gender justice education and mobilization campaigns; •Providing support to local organizations working to promote gender equality and justice; •Building coalitions to create gender equality and end gender based violence; •Training the next generation of activists committed to working for gender justice.