Council for Zimbabwe

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About Us

The Council for Zimbabwe serves the humanitarian and development needs of Zimbabwe by leveraging the expertise and resources of the Zimbabwean Diaspora, other global citizens, and institutions for the health, education and economic well being of all Zimbabweans.

We work to provide a structured and coherent framework for the Diaspora to collaborate, coordinate, scale up and sustain their efforts in tackling the country's multi-dimensional problems.

To date the Council has helped send containers of medical supplies, equipment, and books; convened a conference to examine Zimbabwe’s challenges and the role the Diaspora can play to respond to current needs; and hosts regular "Sadza in the City" dinners.

The Council for Zimbabwe is politically neutral in order to facilitate an environment conducive to collective action and peace. We believe that creating opportunities for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and friends to come together and share ideas and Zimbabwean Cuisine helps people foster healthy relationships. Most importantly, it helps people learn from each other, build the unity of purpose needed for a better Zimbabwe and engenders a sense of ownership of the national recovery process.