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Founded in January 2004, Next Generation Choices Foundation creates and dispenses educational tools in partnership with communities for environmental health advocacy through educational programs — education and advocacy that focus on the simple "lifestyle" choices Americans make in everyday living, in all walks of life, at home, school or in business.

A national program launched in the Mid-Atlantic region, the Next Generation Choices Foundation has started programs that raise awareness for the public, to include everything from the food Americans eat to creating public play spaces that exclude the use of pesticides--programs that are designed to work to improve not only the global environment but the health of this generation and future ones to come.

Next Generation Choices founder, Bill Couzens was instrumental in developing best management practices for the reduction of pesticide drift in addition to the recommendation for pesticide application sites not to locate themselves adjacent to schools and other sensitive areas to include play spaces.

Next Generations mission to work towards cancer prevention has included supporting programs with shared missions.

Next Generations main program is The program was founded as a step towards raising awareness on the 1.4 million people this year that will be hearing the devastating news that they too have cancer. Everyday more than 1,500 men, woman and children die of cancer in the U.S. every school day this year in this country approximately 46 school children will be diagnosed with cancer.

While the cure can never be underestimated,our view of cancer must include prevention.