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Welcome to The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF)

The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF) is a national, an all-inclusive, forward thinking incubator that develops and manages a portfolio of Charitable Workforce Training Programs, operates a Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC) & Executive Management Fellowship Academy, and serves as Fiscal Sponsor to propel other start-up 501c3s forward.

The Foundation works to empower peer startup charities by connecting them to resources that are out of reach, and will change the workforce training environment and delivery model so that the labor pool is free to prepare for the skills they want and are expected to possess. 

Our mission is to develop, acquire and provide access to free and discounted professional development resources across business & industry, help future tax exempt entities become established, and help young tax exempts launch & mobilize their operations.

The results of our work will...

 * eliminate start-up and growth obstacles,

 * establish mentor and support partnerships to ensure training and entrepreneurial success,

 * partner with OEMs, vendors, employers & solution providers to secure free & heavily discounted products, services, & technologies,

 * fill training, technology, operational resource gaps, barriers and provide access to them, and

 * create a demand for skilled, pre-trained interns & apprentice

The Foundation also:

 * awards training fellowships,

 * provides management consulting & technical assistance services to existing tax exempts,

 * will award complimentary fiscal sponsorship's & memberships as resources permit, and

 * establish a running list of other public foundations & charities to whom it will make direct support contributions

The Technical Assistance Service Center, as well as our charitable and fiscal sponsorship endeavors are keenly focused on closing the gap to the essential resources workforce community and new 501c3's encounter, that in the 21st century, simply should not exist. Employers demand both raw and specialized skills in real time. That means “training should be available for to everyone for everyone in Real Time if not free, then in a cost effective manner.

“Our motto is “Filing in Gaps, Making Things Happen.” We’re doing just that!

An organizational chart detailing our structure by position, function and program is available for your assessment from:  A snapshot of the brick-n-mortar vision is available from

The Learners Lab Foundation, "incubator of the future, for the future.

Visit us today ay to learn more about our programs and services. We look forward to helping you overcome your professional development and business operation challenges.

Thank You.

Latest Listings

Foundation has ASAP HIRE--Volunteer Systems/Network/Web Engineer (PT-Remote) (Volunteer Opportunity)

Foundation has ASAP HIRE--Volunteer Systems/Network/Web Engineer (PT-Remote) (Volunteer Opportunity)