Asturias Academy

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About Us

The Miguel Angel Asturias Academy is a non-profit Pre K-12 school that is transforming Guatemala with popular education, improving access to schooling and providing a pathway out of poverty.

We are more than just a school. Weare a movement that is transforming Guatemala.The Asturias Academy serves preschool through high school students striving to improve their standard of living through a unique model of education. It creates informed, critically thinking, socially conscious citizens that ultimately emerge as empowered and engaged leaders in their communities.

Our mission at the Miguel Angel Astu­rias Aca­demy is to improve living standards in Guatemala by creating informed, critically thinking, socially conscious citizens, empowered to live lives of their choosing and engaged as leaders in their communities. In a country where schooling means rote learning, overcrowding, and lack of access to reliable information, we dedicated to making education a vehicle for personal freedom and social justice. We strive to bring our transformative model first and foremost to children from the most vulnerable sectors of society, placing special emphasis upon poor, female, and indige­nous children.