San Diego Nonprofits, formerly SANDAN

  • CA


San Diego

United States

About Us

San Diego Nonprofits' mission is to promote, connect and lead a vibrant and effective nonprofit sector that advances the well being of the San Diego region. We work every day to connect nonprofits with each other, with resources, with the business community, and with elected officials and policymakers.

San Diego Nonprofits fulfills its mission through these core strategies

  • Providing leadership and capacity that strengthens and supports the San Diego nonprofit sector.
  • Advocating for the interests of the nonprofit sector
  • Promoting the San Diego region nonprofit sector and its successes
  • Coordinating and connecting all nonprofit sub-sectors
  • Unifying and amplifying the nonprofit sector voice
  • Connecting nonprofits to resources
  • Tracking and reporting on key social and sector indicators and social return on investment in nonprofits
  • Creating bridges and linkages to government and business
  • Advancing the highest standards of ethical nonprofit practice