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About Us

Purpose/mission of GreenLife Africa:

Greenlife Africa (GLA) is a holistic agro-economic entity established to meet the agricultural needs of rural Liberia, empowering individuals and communities by maximizing agriculture proficiency and collective productivities.

Who are we?

GreenLife Africa is a registered 501(c)(3) in the United States and is a registered NGO in Liberia.

We operate through the dedication of a volunteer management team donating hours, expertise and resources. We demonstrate our own values of dedication, honesty, integrity and professionalism. The founder, Beyan Doe, and other board member are from Liberian families who still have homes and family members in Liberia and in the United States. Currently, GreenLife Africa has seven board members including one board member living in Liberia.

What we do:

GreenLife Africa is established to help communities in Liberia to help themselves through education, training, accessible equipment, food storage, and strong partnerships.

The main focus of GreenLife Africa is to increase existing opportunities and to build a better agriculture system that reaches less privileged communities. The purpose is to teach and demonstrate a better way to grow, harvest and store large quantities of food to help local Liberians. Efforts will be expanded through partnerships with existing government and NGO programs. Farmers who participate allow their farms to be used as demonstration sites, and they will be instructed on training others.

While initially focused goal of increased agriculture productivity, tangential concerns include potable and healthy drinking water which could be improved by setting up hand pumps in and around neighboring communities and strong education for children and adults, specifically teaching about the benefits and techniques of agriculture.