About Us

We are a youth group that aspire towards building an Africa that would be judged accros the world by results rather than declarations.An Africa free of hunger,poverty,destitution and chaos.We believe charity is harmful unless it makes the reciepient to be independent of it, and that whoever knocketh on the door of begging nature will open onto him the door of poverty.We,house,educate and feed the needy.We engage in farming.We go to villages,live with them,study them,learn from them and afterwards teach them skills appropriate for survival in a modern world.We are the defenders of the defenseles.We speak and act in defense of all that have life,people animals and nature.To us,poverty alleviation means uphill work.Smallpox was cured not by treating the afflicted but by innoculating the unafflicted.

Africa is a continent rich in resources.Yet more than 350 million Africans are suffering from mulnitrition every day.Of these,250 million are afflicted with a chronic disease or disability and 10 million die of hunger every year.Each day, 45 million Africans que tirelesly to see a docter.Of these, over 39 million are turned away.Eighty-five percent of Africans are jobless,ninety percent functionaly illiterate.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.There is only one way to accomplish any thing and that is to go ahead and do it. Any thing that is right is possible. That which is neccessary will inevitably take place. If something is right it is your duty to do it, though the rest of the world may think otherwise.