Create Plenty

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About Us

Create Plenty is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Create Plenty has roots in a single-use plastic awareness project that began in Portland, Oregon in March of 2007 called Leave No Plastic Behind. This same project is now called the International Plastic Quilt Project to represent the global importance of addressing this issue and to make it easier for more people to participate. Create Plenty will draw upon the growing awareness and eagerness to address our throw-away culture, developing meaningful and practical solutions to benefit everyone. Waste is a waste!

Vision: A World Without Waste

Mission: Create Plenty mobilizes people toward a culture of resourcefulness and intentional daily living, creating waste-free, local alternatives that are practical and accessible by all.

We believe that a waste-free world grows intentional community resourcefulness, local jobs, and increased personal well-being.