LA STAGE Alliance

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About Us


Since 1975, LA STAGE has worked to empower artists and engage audiences of Greater LA through a series of programs, events, and advocacy efforts. All of our initiatives aim to serve and strengthen the sector — both at an individual and community level. Specifically, we provide resources that facilitate audience engagement, collaborative marketing, community building, and professional development.


LA STAGE serves over 500 arts organizations from across Greater LA, more than 300 of which are dues-paying members. These members are comprised largely of professional, educational, and community-based producing/presenting performing arts organizations; the remaining few come from a broader arts and culture community in the region.

While our predominant service area is Greater LA, our programs and partnerships have extended to 43 states and occasionally become worldwide. We directly serve over 30,000 diverse arts patrons (locally, nationally, and internationally) and indirectly serve over four million unique households through research conducted on arts engagement behavior.

LA STAGE is seen by its community as the go-to source for information, resources and opportunities for artists and arts admins. We strive to engender a robust and diverse network of artists who engage, inspire, educate, and entertain their communities.