Program on Global Health and Technology Access, Duke University

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About Us

The Program supports research, policy meetings, and teaching on issues in global health, particularly related to the ownership and control of knowledge and how it is harnessed to improve the health of the poor. The Program’s research and policy work focuses on how to improve innovation and ensure greater affordability of essential medicines, particularly in developing countries. GHTA also recently has extended its work on another issue of globalization and health equity—the political economy of tobacco control in Southeast Asia. The Program also serves as the Strategic Policy Unit for ReAct, an emerging global coalition to combat antibiotic resistance. In addition, the Program teaches a public policy graduate seminar on “Globalization and Health Equity”; the Global Health Fellows Program (part of the Sanford Institute’s Program on Global Policy and Governance); and the Pharmaceutical Policy Leaders in Medicine Institute held in partnership with the American Medical Student Association Foundation.