The Commonwealth Market

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About Us

What is the Commonwealth Market?

The CWM is a service provider for nonprofits and donors which: 1) Empowers nonprofits with trainings and assessments to effectively measure program outcomes and manage organizational performance. 2) Provides a robust online marketplace based on important social value information where nonprofits are able to reach new donors, showcase organizational successes, and increase funding prospects.

What are we trying to accomplish?

Nonprofits take on a significant amount of social responsibility by creating programs to address major social issues confronting communities in the United States and around the world, yet the nonprofit marketplace, focused heavily on financial information and personal anecdotes, hinders most organizations from reaching their full potential. The CWM aims to rebuild the nonprofit marketplace from a grassroots level by empowering nonprofits and their donors with meaningful tools, services and information, maximizing the measurable improvements they produce in the lives of individuals and welfare of communities. Over time, as nonprofits strengthen their work and donors begin making clear-eyed investments, the sector will increase in capacity to more effectively tackle social issues on a national and international level.