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About Us

Our vision is a world where Governments, the Armed Forces, and arms transfers are transparent, accountable, and free from corruption. Our principal purpose in pursuit of this vision is to improve transparency and reduce the levels of corruption in Defence and Security Ministries, in Armed Forces and in defencecompanies.We aim to:

  • raise awareness of corruption in the defence sector and provide practical tools to reduce corruption risks;
  • collaborate with governments and international organisations to enhance transparency in defence institutions;
  • work with defence companies to raise industry standards in international defence contracting; and to
  • develop centres and international networks of defence anti-corruption expertise

We work with national defence ministries and armed forces to build integrity and reduce corruption. We collaborate with international organisations such as NATO, the UN, and the African Union to develop tools and approaches that reduce corruption risks. We encourage defence companies to collaborate internationally to enhance the integrity of international tendering. We strengthen civil society’s ability to engage constructively on defence, and provide expertise for those playing a monitoring and oversight role. Through our research programme, we develop new tools to implement anti-corruption change and build knowledge and expertise on defence and security corruption.