Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church

  • CA


6125 Carlos Avenue
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

The ethos and rhythm of our English, Spanish, Spanglish life together…

This informally dressed, richly diverse community of faith – part of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles since 1896 – is a people and a place where the arts, social justice, and creative spirituality converge around ancient yet progressive, Anglo-Catholic liturgy.

We come together from all over the greater Los Angeles area, not to retreat from the pressures and turmoil of modern life, but to follow the “comunidad de base” model of active engagement and support one another as a “priesthood of all believers.”

Reading the Bible together, balanced by tradition and reason, we are constantly being invited and urged by Jesus to redirect our attention away from where God is typically expected to show up, toward the margins, toward the edge — the edge of the church community, the edge of society, the edge of our own lives.

Our mission, our very reason for being, is to help one another understand, activate, and proclaim this message: that the good news actively and passionately embodied by Jesus is that God loves us — no matter what!

We do not confine our faith to the walls of a church building or the time of Sunday liturgy, nor do we believe that effective faith is purely private affair. Thus, we are always exploring ancient and new ways to worship together, celebrate and negotiate difference together, work together, eat together, and play together (see our Ministries and Life Together links)! As one might guess, this is not a place to come and hide but an enthusiastically welcoming place.