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About Us

Grassroots Jerusalem (GJ) is a platform for social, urban and human rights activists and organisations in Jerusalem, seeking to strengthen the Palestinian grassroots network that will represent the community voice. We work in Palestinian communities with local leaders, activists and community based organisations and help to strategically plan and critically think about community development. GJ uses cutting edge new-media tools while honouring age-old Palestinian traditions to achieve its goals. GJ is a connecting link between the global academic, economic, political, social active grassroots movements around the world and in Jerusalem. We are looking for people who can join and help us do our job better.

Spreading Grassroots Knowledge Rooted in the age-old communities, a wealth of wisdom and experience is available to organisations and activists. However, in order to further minimise the Palestinian contribution to the culture, religion, politics and economy of Jerusalem, disinformation is intentionally used for political reasons. Neighbourhoods, streets and parks are given Hebrew names. Zionist narratives are widely spread by official and non-official Israeli sources. In order to counter policies to Judaize Jerusalem, Grassroots Jerusalem helps communities to create maps, books, websites, and other materials to promote a more accurate portrayal of local realities.

We Love Grassroots Activists, Local Leaders and Organisations! Despite Israeli oppression, there are many Palestinian community organisations and initiatives, forming a strong civil society that addresses community issues from education and economy to social justice and human rights. However, there are not enough safe, shared, public spaces for activists and community-based organisations in Jerusalem to do their important work. Community leaders and activists are often harassed, threatened, and even arrested by Israeli police. AlMarsa, our community activist centre at Grassroots Jerusalem in Sheikh Jarrah, provides a home, a heart, and office space for community activists, while also providing resources (internet, library, info-centre, etc.) to amplify their work.

Seeing our Blind Spots The fragmenting Israeli policies in Jerusalem often cause local Palestinian organisations and activists to be unaware of each other’s existence or work. We enable these actors to connect around issues and activities in Jerusalem through our Grassroots Community Assessment, building an Open Source Map of Jerusalem and hosting the Grassroots Al-Quds Network. From institutional oppression to civil disobedience, from violence to positive signs of change, we are making information more accessible. Activists and organisations are more equipped to network, coordinate, and exchange information and to develop innovative approaches to common challenges.

Yalla! Direct Action! Get to work! In Athens, Cairo, New York, or Damascus, the revival of indigenous heritage and grassroots movements is proving to be the growing alternative to current oppressive systems. This global network is based on the values of Justice, Organisation, Direct Action and Community. Grassroots Jerusalem is a home for those who oppose the occupation in Jerusalem, for building alternatives to oppressive systems, as well as for realising Jerusalem’s fullest potential. As a hub of information and initiatives, getting involved is as easy as walking through our door in Sheikh Jarrah, or at the click of a mouse on the Al-Quds Network. Come on over, the (r)evolution has already begun!