Santa Martha Rescue Center


near Quito


About Us

Santa Martha Rescue Center is an animal sanctuary located in the Andean mountains of Ecuador, South America. Assisted by volunteers, we are responsible for rescuing a wide variety of wild animals from unhealthy and illegal situations, which have been the victims of animal-trafficking or mistreatment. Santa Martha Rescue Center is situated in an area of the Andes called the "avenue of volcanoes", a beautifully scenic part of rural Ecuador surrounded by rolling hills and majestic volcanoes, less than an hour south of Quito. Our volunteers are offered a unique opportunity to care for and help rehabilitate a diverse variety of wild animals. These normally include monkeys, cats, bears, reptiles, and parrots amongst many others. Whether volunteers stay a few weeks or a few months, Santa Martha will provide an amazing animal experience, while living in a cosy friendly environment in beautiful Ecuador.