Achievement First: Greenfield

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335 Adams Street

United States

About Us

For 15 years Achievement First has built and operated great schools that prepare students for success in college and life. We now face a unique moment in time to imagine the schools of the future. With the north star of the Common Core and the availability of new technologies, as well as deeper insights into the science of learning and habits of success, we are redesigning school from the ground up.

In 2015, Achievement First will open two new innovative schools that we are calling Greenfield schools. Our Greenfield schools will deliver four outcomes: 1. Accelerated Academics: Our students need to be among the best in the world 2. Habits of Success: Our students will truly thrive when they also develop the habits, mindsets and life skills that promote productive and joyful lives 3. Excellence in Enrichment: Our students need a taste of the joy that comes from passionately excellence outside of traditional academics 4. Student, Family and Staff Motivation: Our students, staff and families will exhibit an unstoppable level of shared commitment and drive
The Greenfield school will set an exceptionally high bar for academics, habits of success and enrichment. Supporting students in achieving excellence is an Awesomely Powerful Community, where students feel a deep sense of belonging that will make them feel supported, challenged and responsible for the success of others. Staff and families will feel personally invested in the success of the school and will see the critical role they play in students’ achievement. Students will feel ownership over their own learning and agency over their lives, building intrinsic motivation. Students will have individualized learning paths tailored to meet their needs, making learning more efficient and students more motivated.