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About Us

Israel-Palestine: Creative Regional Initiatives (IPCRI), is a nonprofit think tank that was established almost 30 years ago for combining research with peace-building and advocacy initiatives across Israel and Palestine. Our mission is to engage policymakers and the public at large in ending the occupation and promoting a just and sustainable solution to the conflict. Through our activities, we aim to develop impact oriented partnerships that empower local communities and apply participatory approaches and public diplomacy in engaging with policy makers. 

IPCRI has 2 departments: Research and Information, and Sustainable Partnerships. Through its “Research and Information” projects, IPCRI aims to develop and advocate practical political solutions to decision-makers and officials concerning the most divisive issues of the conflict such as Jerusalem, borders, economic relations, environmental concerns and security.

IPCRI’s “Sustainable Partnerships” aim to transform the conflict into neighboring relations built upon mutual recognition and interests. We believe that in order to reach a safe and sustainable reality, impact oriented partnerships between Palestinians and Israelis in a variety of fields can strengthen the regional tolerance and foster a climate of peace. We are investing in increasing partnerships on various realms such as economic, academic and professional and operate upon two main values; Mainstreaming Israeli-Palestinian interactions in order to fight racism and segregation and developing trans-boundary capacity for enabling ongoing and long term Israeli-Palestinian cooperation.