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About Us

AMIT enables Israel's youth to realize their potential and strengthens Israeli society by educating and nurturing children from diverse backgrounds within a framework of academic excellence, religious values and Zionist ideals.

AMIT educates and cares for Israel’s youth, including the most vulnerable children in Israel. Some 70 percent of AMIT students cope with educational, psychological, economic and/or social risk factors. AMIT approaches each child as an individual, maximizing his or her potential, and enabling our students to become vital, productive members of Israeli society. The AMIT schools promote religious tolerance, service to the state and the recognition that every child is blessed with unique talents and abilities. Founded in 1925, AMIT operates more than 70 schools, youth villages, surrogate family residences and other programs, constituting Israel's only government-recognized network of religious Jewish education incorporating academic and technological studies.

Goals of the AMIT Network in Israel • Intensifying the process of turning schools into centers for values education: emphasis on values, dialogue and setting boundaries. Highlighting nurturing of social and communal commitment, based on Jewish, Zionist and Israeli values and culture.

• Deepening religious commitment while educating toward open-mindedness and responsible decision-making.

• Bridging educational gaps and striving for academic excellence by continual improvement in the level of instruction and achievement. Providing up-to-date science, technology and computer education.

• Creating educational continuity from kindergarten through 12th grade.

• Nurturing educational and administrative leadership toward efficient and effective management in a learning organization.