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About Us

In 1910, the National Urban League (NUL) started a movement in the African-American community toward establishing economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights. Are you ready to join "The Movement"? If so, look no further than the Thursday Network (TN). We are the Washington, DC chapter of the National Urban League Young Professionals (NULYP) and the Young Professionals Auxilliary of the Greater Washington Urban League (GWUL). Founded in 1992, Thursday Network is comprised of more than 150 young professionals committed to serving the Washington Metropolitan area through community programs and partnership that address the five-point thrust of the NULYP. The mission of TN is to provide a forum for young adults, ages 21 - 40, to focus their energies on community service, professional development, and political involvement. Annually, the organization sponsors several events such as Young Black Give Back Month, "Know Your Money" Financial Empowerment Program and awards scholarships at the Greater Washington Urban Leagues Annual Whitney M. Young Gala. In addition to service program, Thursday Network provides personal & professional development through workshops, seminars and networking opportunities Thursday Network is proud of its history as one of the most progressive service-oriented organizations in the metropolitan area. We invite you to join "the movement" and show that young blacks really do give back.

Vision To be a catalyst for change in the Greater Washington community by serving as a training ground for our members to improve community and self.

Mission To provide a forum for young professionals, ages 21 - 40, to assist the Greater Washington Urban League in achieving its goals and to focus their energies on community service and foster personal and professional development, social consciousness, political involvement, and economic empowerment.

Goals and Objectives In support of the Greater Washington Urban League and the National Urban Leagues five-point agenda, Thursday Network is committed to: 1) Education and Youth Empowerment, 2) Economic Empowerment, 3) Health and Quality of Life Empowerment, 4) Civic Engagement and Leadership Empowerment, and 5) Civil Rights and Racial Justice Empowerment.

1. Education and Youth Empowerment Develop outreach and educational programs that have a positive impact on African American youth in the Metropolitan DC area Implement programs and events that promote literacy, academic excellence, foster positive self-esteem, and encourage financial responsibility Support existing tutoring and mentoring programs that target at-risk youth in the District of Columbia, and Prince George ’s and Montgomery counties Partner with other organizations and school officials to improve the District of Columbia, Prince George’s and Montgomery county public school system

2. Economic Empowerment Increase economic independence through education Host financial literacy programs that empowers members to achieve economic self-sufficiency Promote an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, wealth accumulation, and philanthropy

3. Health and Quality of Life Empowerment Create and support programs and address health disparities in the African-American community Support the Greater Washington Urban League and its Division of Aging and Health Services Educate the community about health issues to increase their awareness on health disparities Provide volunteers and financial support for national and local events that promote health awareness Support existing community-based programs targeting homelessness, domestic violence and prevention

4. Civic Engagement and Leadership Empowerment Provide a forum for young professionals that fosters leadership development and political involvement Mobilize citizens via registration drives and civic participation Educate and empower our members and the community at-large on the political process and current issues affecting the African-American community Recruit and serve as a training ground for the National Urban League movement

5. Civil Rights and Racial Justice Empowerment Support the National Urban League and their affiliates in achieving its goal of equal access, equal opportunity, and parity for African-Americans Educate members on the history of the National Urban League, the Greater Washington Urban League, and the National Urban League Young Professionals Promote equality through education, participation and leadership Maximize and cultivate relationships with organizations that complement our mission Provide funding and volunteers to support the Greater Washington Urban League 's programs and activities