Port Chester Carver Center

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400 Westchester Avenue
Port Chester
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About Us

Who we are: For 75 years, The Carver Center’s purpose has been to Build Brighter Futures for the Port Chester Community. Carver is at a pivotal inflection point of accelerated growth as we evolve from a traditional community center into a community learning organization. We are sharpening our focus on learning to ensure that our services become the catalyst for meeting our mission!


What we believe in: We measure success one individual at a time, as we are passionate and hyper-focused on improving and transforming lives across all stages of our learning continuum; an ideology that we embrace and practice within our staff, board of directors, and all other members of the Carver family. We intend to continuously elevate our standard of excellence across all facets of the organization, while maintaining our belief in outcome measurement and collective results. We are a culture of ‘YES’ which encourages free-thinking, risk-taking, and innovation as we strive to meet our mission every day. For more information about Carver and its services, please visit www.carvercenter.org

The type of Person we are looking for:

Self-starting & self-directing, know how to lead and take ownership of projects and tasks, motivating and mobilizing those around you 

Well-rounded/Versatile have the ability to work through a diverse cross-section of responsibilities and tasks

Flexible and resilient the Carver Center has ever-changing needs – the ability to adapt to these needs as the organization evolves and grows

A sense of humor is important in keeping the working environment enjoyable and allowing for people to feel comfortable and happy

Collaborative people are important to the Carver Team because collaboration creates a more educated, skilled and engaged workforce whereby everyone succeeds

Energy and Enthusiasm exciting and engaged

Tact in dealing with sensitive or difficult issues that might arise, the ability to think before speaking and make positive impressions on others

Creativity think outside of the box, be a calculated risk taker

Humility understand and realize that there is always much to learn, be teachable as well as compassionate

Intuition have strong instincts and a high level of emotional intelligence

Self-awareness have a sense of self

Peer Coaches be willing to support one’s colleagues and elevate others

Ability to execute and produce

Relentless hunger for success for oneself and the organization!



LEARNING TEAM: Carver has immediate and anticipated needs for Youth Programming facilitators. We are seeking candidates for After School, Saturday and Summer Enrichment sessions. Candidates with a love of learning and successful experience working with young people and families are urged to apply.

BUSINESS TEAM: Carver has immediate and anticipated needs for Welcome Center Receptionists, Food Service Delivery Drivers, Food Server, Maintenance personnel, Lifeguards. Qualified candidates are urged to apply.


ADVANCEMENT TEAM: Carver has immediate and anticipated needs for Marketing personnel. Qualified candidates are urged to apply.


How to Apply: Send cover letter and resume to:  gnocco@carvercenter.org or visit