New Dawn Charter High School

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242 Hoyt Street
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About Us

All students should be provided with an opportunity to complete their high school education. However, for students living in poverty, those with special needs, and those who are new to this country or do not speak English, this is not always the case. A number of these students end up lagging behind in school, repeating grades, putting them at-risk for dropping out of the educational system entirely. 

In response to this focus, New Dawn Charter High School (New Dawn) will be a NYC Transfer School, reaching out to students who have either dropped out or are in-school truants—those who will most likely not graduate with their four-year 9th grade peers. While New Dawn will enroll students who are over-aged and under-credited in grades 9 through 12, the school includes an intensive program for those students who are the most at-risk and difficult to engage in their education: the student who is over 15 years old and has less than 10 credits. Students will graduate with a NYSED diploma, meeting all graduation requirements.

Mission Statement: NewDawnCharterHigh School will provide over-aged and under-credited students 15 - 21 years of age, including those who are English Language Learners and those with special needs, the opportunity to return to school and obtain a high school diploma through a rigorous NYSED standards-based education program. Within the framework of the education program, three programs will be offered: 1) Interventions for those with fewer than 10 credits, and for those with 10 or more credits: 2) Internships in the community and 3) College enrollment.

New Dawn opened its doors for enrollment in August 2012 with 150 students and has grown to over 400 students each year. By developing educational strategies, interventions, and creating community invovlement, students will graduate with a NYS High School Diploma. 

New Dawn also has a College NOW Program, an internship Program where students attend class one week and work in the community the other week, and an intense career and college track program. To date, 70% of the students who have left the school have left with a high school diploma.