CICS Chicago Quest

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1033 W. Van Buren
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About Us

On January 26, the Chicago Board of Education approved the Fall 2011 launch of CICS Chicago Quest, which will be a 6-12 grade campus of the Chicago International Charter School (CICS). Chicago Quest is a priority program investment of The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and will offer a rigorous, engaging, and interactive curriculum that is organized around systems‐thinking and game design. This curriculum is content‐rich and aligned with the Illinois State (soon to be Common Core) and College Readiness standards.

Chicago Quest will measure its success by our graduates’ abilities to design creative solutions to complex problems, think critically and independently, collaborate effectively and productively, use technology purposefully and wisely, and explore, engage in, and express their interests and talents using multiple platforms and media. Our success also will be measured by our students’ abilities to excel on the state and national assessments that determine access to selective post secondary options. We are committed to preparing all of our students to earn 4‐year degrees at the college or university of their choice.

In addition to our future families and communities, the MacArthur Foundation, and Quest to Learn (NY), Chicago Quest is fortunate to be partnering with DePaul University, YouMedia (Chicago Public Library), the Digital Youth Network, the Institute for Play (NY), and the newly formed Chicago Learning Network.