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About Us

Raging Storm Records is proud to announce the formation of a new non-profit organization called Christian Music and Arts Foundation.

[christianmusicandarts. org]

Christian Music and Arts (CMA) is a CDP non-profit corporation. We are a faith-based initiative aimed at equipping others to be community leaders through creative arts.

CMA encourages Christian musicians to break out of the Christian sub-culture (“preaching to the choir”) by taking their music outside of church-oriented venues, to where their message is needed the most.

Over the coming months, we will be splitting our operations into two related, but separate missions:

- The registered business that is Raging Storm Records (including our imprint label Sancrosanct Records) will continue to serve the artists, while shifting operations to a more business-like structure. We feel this does not in any way hinder our operation as a ministry-based company, yet allows us to actually be better stewards of our resources.

- Our non-profit and philanthropic work will come under the Christian Music and Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization which is overseen by the National Heritage Foundation's Congressional District Program. Through CMA, we will be able to seek fund raising and grants, while employing musicians nation-wide in community outreach programs.