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About Us

Give Us Wings, founded in 1999 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a small, nonprofit organization that works at the grassroots level with the poorest of the poor people in villages within Kenya and Uganda. With an approach of transformation rather than merely direct aid, Give Us Wings funds community development projects, provides financial assistance and training for economic self-sufficiency, and funds educational and medical needs of adults and children in Africa.

Give Us Wings operates efficiently with a small staff and volunteer workers in the United States. We are committed to ensuring that funds go to meet people's needs in Kenya and Uganda.

The Villages: Nyaoga, Kenya. Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, this village is made up of clusters of small huts with no electricity or running water. The people are desperately poor, but they are determined to succeed in their business endeavors of farming and fishing. They need access to medical care and dream of building a medical clinic in their village.

Tororo, Uganda. The needs of the people here are extensive and urgent. The 30 members of Kayoro Farmers Group struggle to take care of the community's 200 orphans. In the hills above Tororo, the members of the Miabwombe Group are benefiting from their successful gardens, but need more training in other areas. A group of men and women with disabilities are determined to generate a carpentry business. In a crime–ridden slum, courageous women have formed the Ngiyo Ber Women's Group–determined to give their children a safer, healthier life.

Volunteer Trips: All trip itineraries are planned with our community workers on the ground, in Africa. We choose activities for volunteer participation, based on the needs of the people, at the moment. Itineraries are subject to change, based on the needs of the community or village we are visiting. All trips are focused on poverty education, as well as volunteer assistance with our sustainable development programs. Costs: Please inquire with GUW staff for a quote. The cost of each trip includes: Most meals, Bottled water for the duration of the trip, In country transportation with a Nairobi based tour operator, Translators throughout the trip, Accommodations Stipends for African families with whom we stay

What would my role be on the trip?

We believe, as the people of Kenya and Uganda have told us, your main role is as learner. Your presence and ability to listen helps build trust for the work we all do with Give Us Wings. We have traveled with teachers, nurses, social workers, students and many other professional and personal backgrounds. Your skills, whatever they are will be helpful working in clinics, schools, homebuilding, agriculture, etc. but mainly your listening and openness to the life and stories of the people you will meet will support their work. When you return from your trip and advocate for those you met through volunteer opportunities you will continue the role you had on your trip.