St. Luke's School

  • NY


487 Hudson Street
New York
United States

About Us

Founded in 1945, St. Luke’s School offers a balanced and challenging curriculum that serves intellectually curious and able students in a small, intimate learning environment. Located on a two-acre landmark block in the West Village, the School has spacious outdoor facilities and large, sunny classrooms.

The academic program balances basic skills and critical thinking with collaborative learning and interdisciplinary study. The School is divided into a Lower School (Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 4) and an Upper School (Grades 5 – 8). Arts and creative expression are an integral part of daily life. Science, foreign language, physical education, and multimedia technology complement a core curriculum in reading, writing, and mathematics. We hope that our graduates will become lifelong learners who are confident, competent, and self-aware.

Small by intent and design, St. Luke’s School’s size promotes openness, accessibility, and collaboration. Students are encouraged to become active, responsible, and contributing members of the school community. Honesty, respect, excellence, compassion, and dignity constitute the School’s Community Standards. As an Episcopal school, we believe in the power of reasoned inquiry and debate in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom and mutual respect. St. Luke’s School graduates enroll in outstanding independent day and boarding schools as well as specialized public high schools.