International Centre for Social Franchising

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About Us

The International Centre for Social Franchising is a not-for-profit organisation that tackles the issue of scale; its mission is to help the most successful social impact projects replicate. The core concept behind social franchising is that accumulated experience should be the starting point for designing and delivering solutions elsewhere - stopping the constant reinvention of the wheel.

The ICSF works with corporates and the not-for-profit sector, using surplus funds to subsidise rates for social sector organisations. As well as practical assistance, the ICSF researches replication and scale and is developing a number of projects including the creation of a social franchising investment fund.

The ICSF was co-founded at the start of 2012 by Dan Berelowitz and Michael Norton. The ICSF is led by a diverse and integenerational core team. Together, we have decades of experience working on scale, sustainability, innovation, strategy and investment projects across a multitude of sectors.