Penny Lane Centers

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15305 Rayen Street
North Hills
United States

About Us

Penny Lane was founded in 1969 to serve severely abused teens. Penny Lane puts the ideals of social activism to work in service to abused and neglected children and youth.

Volunteers are needed to help in a variety of areas including fundraising, tutoring, mentoring, and administrative support.

Penny Lane has grown from a small group home for teenaged girls to an entire treatment community serving over 1500 children and youth from 0-24 years of age and families in crisis thorughout the community.

Penny Lane services include :

  • theraputic residential services for abused, abandoned and neglected teens (13-18).
  • on-site non-public Jr-Sr High school for the emotionally disturbed student
  • foster care for children (0-18)who have been removed from abusive or neglectful homes.
  • independant living program provides job skills and life-skills training to teens in foster care.
  • adoption / fost-adopt allows children to be adopted by the same foster parents who have cared for them, and grown to love them, when family of origion parental rights are terminated.
  • transitional housing program provides subsidized low-income housing, vocational training, and independant living skills to emanciapted foster youth ( 18-24) who have no family and would otherwise be homeless when they "age out" of the social services system at 18.

...and much much more