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About Us

Better Markets is the public’s voice in the fight to reform and strengthen our financial system so it never needs a taxpayer bailout or threatens to plunge our economy into chaos again. We’re non-profit, non-partisan, and independent. We’re the Wall Street watchdog with a point of view.

The biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression was triggered by a combination of wild speculation and risky bets on Wall Street. The big bankers pocketed billions in bonuses while their recklessness crippled our economy and cost millions of working and middle-class Americans their jobs, homes and savings. To prevent Wall Street from ever doing that again, Congress passed a financial reform law to clean up the way Wall Street works and hold its CEOs and bankers accountable for breaking the rules. Now, the same mega-banks that caused the collapse are spending millions of dollars to lobby regulators and other parts of the government to destroy financial reform and create loopholes so they can take the same dangerous risks that caused the economic crisis.

Our job is to do everything we can to make sure the mega-banks don’t get their way and we have real, strong financial reform that protects our people and the economy by requiring transparency, demanding accountability, and ensuring oversight.