Siyakhana Initiative for Ecological Health and Food Security

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South Africa

About Us

The Siyakhana Initiative for Ecological Health and Food Security is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Siyakhana works to improve food security, increase access to nutritious and sustainably grown foods, and raise awareness of the impact of ecological health promotion.

We believe that nutrition is key to good health, and that good health for all can only be achieved by improving the environments in which people live. Therefore, Siyakhana’s work seeks to eliminate the social and environmental barriers that prevent people from accessing nutritious foods and leading an active healthy lifestyle.

Siyakhana operates one of Johannesburg's most prominent and important urban organic agriculture demonstration sites. We also undertake research, policy advocacy, training, and community-based programming to achieve our goal of ecological health. Through these activities Siyakhana is improving the availability of nutritious food, building skills and capacity, providing opportunities for sustainable livelihood development, and raising awareness of food insecurity and ecological health promotion in South Africa.