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Education is said to be the channel through which countries develop. The essence of education in this era of globalization and international development cannot be over emphasized. If education is so important in the life of a human being, then why it is that most young people in Ghana and especially Tamale in the northern region of Ghana do not have access to at least a basic education. Notwithstanding the fact that the constitution of the Republic of Ghana demands Government to provide "Free Compulsory Basic Education (FCUBE)", little has been done by successive Governments to achieve this constitutional mandate. It is against this background that The Prince and Princess Academy Team is planning to build a school in Tamale, Ghana to provide quality education for children in the community. Interestingly there are postcards and art reward for every supporter. Visit the site for more details 

Installing water tank and moulding of blocks video:

We have uploaded a new video on our website showing the installation of pipelines to the project site:

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