Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

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15 Stone Castle Road
United States

About Us

Our Purpose: We are the unions of the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO. We have dedicated our lives to defending the right to have a good job and our families to receive adequate medical care. We have dedicated ourselves to achieving protection from dire poverty in old age, and during periods of sickness, accident or unemployment. We are dedicated to defending the right of every child and workers to get a good education and to live from of fear and prejudice with our families in decent homes.

We believe that without seeking to achieve and defend economic justice, freedom and democracy are undermined. The less justice there is in our society, the less freedom there is in our world. Economic injustice is as great a danger to our democracy as that was ever posed by any foreign military power. We will always seek to identify the things that we can do to keep us free.

We are the LABOR MOVEMENT, we will not wait meekly to be told what to do. We build justice whenever we take a stand. We support and defend the efforts of all working men and women to exercise their rights to join unions and enjoy the benefits of collective bargaining.

We recognize that bringing the benefits of collective bargaining to the unorganized is vital to the process of producing economic progress in the Hudson Valley.