About Us

We attempt to give high quality basic services to the vulnerable children who are the products of the now 20 years of insurgency in Northern Uganda, and the global AIDS/HIV pandemic. We specifically provide Counseling, Education, Health, Psychosocial, Moral development services as well as training them on the importance of their rich Acholi culture and traditions, which have almost been eroded as a result of living in the restricted and crippling camp environment. There are now a total of 100 benefiting from our services, up from 23 when we started in 2004. To ensure sustainability and a stable environment around the children, we also target the youth, next of kin, caretakers of the children and community leaders by training them on the basics of poverty alleviation and human rights issues. There 125 beneficiaries under these training programs.

We are pleased to announce that 95% of our budget to implement the aforementioned programs for 27 months, w.e.f April 2006 has been provided by the European Union, through their Civil Society Capacity Building Program, Uganda's Chapter. However, we still appeal for funds from other donors and well-wishers to cater for other development projects such as purchase of land, construction and acquisition of a company vehicle.

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