Women Watch International (WWI-Ghana)

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About Us

About Us...Promoting the rights of vulnerable children, youth and women

Women Watch International (WWI – Ghana) is a child, youth and women oriented, volunteer driven national non-governmental organization and a non-profit organization. It was formed and registered to promote the rights of vulnerable children, youth and women. It was formed to reduce the rate of ignorance among children, youth and women of their human rights. WWI-Ghana campaigns for equal human rights for vulnerable children, youth and women and create the awareness about gender equality and women rights issues. WWI-Ghana offers internship placement, youth placement, youth mobilization and international youth work camps to promote the development, transfer of intellectual skills for sustainable development. WWI-Ghana has its national secretariat in Accra-Ghana and is headed by the chairperson, with a team of professional staffs.

Our VisionTo empower vulnerable children, youth and women to be self-reliant, plan solution to address their challenges and take responsibility for development actions to enhance the promotion of their human rights.

Our MissionThe primary mission of WWI-Ghana is to help meet the basic needs of all people with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of vulnerable children, youth and women.

Our Aims and ObjectiveWe are guided by the following:

· Prevention, treatment, care and support to People Living With HIV (PLWHIV) and OVC· Research and Advocacy of HIV/AIDS

· Women Empowerment/Development

· Community/Rural Development · Promotion of Women's Human Rights · Agriculture/Environment · Youth Development/Internship Programs