African Mutual Assistance Association of Missouri

  • MO


3664 Arsenal
St. Louis
United States

About Us

The African Mutual Assistance Association of Missouri (AMAAM) was established in 1983 to provide mutual assistance to refugee and legal immigrants groups, especially those coming from Africa, in order to increase their cultural understanding and English abilities and make their transition to America easier. On an annual basis AMAAM provides many services for around 1500 clients. AMAAM tries to provide services which fulfill the various needs of their clients. These services include interpretation and translation, transportation, community outreach, citizenship education, job placement, conflict resolution and consultation for immigrant owned small businesses. AMAAM also help immigrants and refugees adjust to their new life in the United States through conferences and other means of education. We also educate against domestic violence and women’s rights, provide referral for counseling, and teach parental skills and family building. Our mission is to provide social adjustment services so that refugees and immigrants may become productive members of society, and eventually achieve citizenship. One of our main goals is encouraging our clients to become economically self-sufficient. To achieve this goal, AMAAM is constantly adapting its programs to fit the needs of the immigrants and refugees. An example of this is the recently created sewing project, which provides free sewing material and lessons for women, so that they can save money they would otherwise be spending on tailors or new clothes. In short, AMAAM is the one-stop-shop for African immigrants and refugees in St. Louis; whatever their problem, AMAAM will work to solve it.