Fondation Eddy Mesidor Pour Le Developpement

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133,Route de Frere

About Us

Foundation Mesidor Eddy For Development (FEMED) is a nonprofit organization lucrati, created in December 2008 to improve the quality of life in Haiti

Social mission is:

- Contribute to the protection, defense of rights and the improvement of living conditions of the Haitian people;

- Promote social development, economic and cultural of the Haitian people;

- Contribute to the development of Haiti and social welfare, economic of the Haitian people;

- Contribute to reduce poverty;

- Contribute to the training of the Haitian people;

- Contribute to the protection of the environment and promotion of a new part of life;

- Frame of street children;

- Provide humanitarian assistance to the Haitian people;

- Provide adequate health coverage to residents of vulnerable areas;

-Explore orphanages and nurseries for children situattion dificult;

- Build functional schools to accommodate children and young people from underprivileged strata of the population;

- Open nutrition centers in disadvantaged communities combattrela hunger for the most disadvantaged in society, etc..