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About Us

ThinkShift is reigniting the American Dream.  The blueprint of the Dream has shifted over the past few decades, and ThinkShift’s mission is to help prepare individuals (from the millennial looking to launch successfully to the baby boomer looking to reinvent themselves after a layoff) to succeed and to be economically stable in the 21st century.  ThinkShift is also developing strategies to disconnect the predictable links between class, background and outcomes in order to help break the cycle of multi-generational poverty in the U.S. 

An initiative of the DeBruce Foundation, ThinkShift is a transdisciplinary social innovation collaborative developing tools, resources and strategies to prepare individuals with the skills and mindsets that empower them to achieve economic stability, upward mobility and personal fulfillment.  

ThinkShift works at three levels to catalyze change:

  • ThinkShift Nation speaks directly to individuals and offers inspiration and information on how to make dreams a reality. We want everyone to realize they don’t have to wait and it is possible to reach higher and embrace change in their personal and professional lives.    
  • The ThinkShift Solution Tank seeks new approaches at the community level.  Our design teams highlight and create new platforms and self-sustaining on-the-ground solutions where people can prepare for, create and connect to opportunity.
  • The Institute for Upward Mobility (I4UM) operates at a national level, democratizing access to information on economic mobility and security, and generating insights to support a national talent pipeline that is aligned with the 21st century economy.

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