Langley Hill Friends Meeting

  • VA


6410 Georgetown Pike
United States

About Us

Langley Hill Friends Meeting is a community of those practicing in the Quaker faith tradition. It is a Monthly Meeting of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. Quakerism is but one of the many fruits of the Christian heritage; from its beginnings 300 years ago it has been one effort to regain the spirit and the simplicity of the earliest Church. But it has developed a method of corporate worship unique among Christian groups. Our form of worship is the logical extension of our belief that the Divine Spirit speaks directly to each individual soul. No priest or minister is necessary to mediate between humanity and God. God's grace is not confined by any required sacrament or liturgical form, but flows freely to all who truly seek the experience. We have no test of faith by creed or dogma; our common ground is the common experience of worship in which we are all seekers.