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Serving Adults With Autism

Itineris is committed to providing opportunities for individuals with autism to participate meaningfully in all aspects of adult life.

Itineris believes that adults with autism do well with days that are structured and filled with meaningful activity. During times when clients are not at work, they may participate in job training activities as well as social, recreational, and therapeutic activities supported by well trained staff.

Because autism is unlike other disabilities, such as cognitive impairment or a mental health disorder, it is imperative to develop programs which take into account each individual’s own characteristics and preferences, as well as those generally associated with autism, such as the preference for visual presentation of information, and providing structure, stability and predictability in all aspects of daily life. Adequate attention to the individual’s personal characteristics and careful attention to engineer the environment to accommodate his or her autism, will lead to happy and productive adult lives.

Itineris (Latin for “the journey”) is committed to providing high quality community-based services to adults with autism spectrum disorders. It is unique in that it is an autism-specific agency. Itineris is organized as a nonprofit to develop and operate state-of-the-art, community-based and maximally-integrated vocational, social, and recreational services for adults with autism spectrum disorders. This will be accomplished for the purpose of securing for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) the same opportunities as all other citizens of the United States of America.

Optimal services will provide support for each individual to pursue his or her own self-directed life plans and goals. These self-directed services will be designed with input from the individual, the individual’s family, others who know the individual well, and from consultants with expertise in ASD. It is important to support individuals with autism where they live, work, and have opportunities for recreation. Services provided by Itineris will include but not be limited to: vocational assessment, supported employment, job development, job coaching, structured educational, social and recreational activities, and life skills training. Finally, Itineris will build support networks and strengthen relationships between the individual, their family, and members of the community