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About Us

We’re empowering new generations of conservation leaders. SCA is propelled by the passion of today’s youth as they protect our environment and pave the way for a more sustainable planet. This is where America’s conservation service movement started more than a half century ago and SCA remains your best access to a potent force of tens of thousands of dedicated young stewards.

We’re preserving America’s inspirational places. From the granite face of Half Dome to the gravestones of Gettysburg, the hard work rendered by SCA members ensures our nation’s natural and cultural legacy will prosper for decades to come. In addition to caring for our most celebrated landmarks, SCA members protect endangered species, restore ailing habitats and enhance the experience of millions of park visitors each year.

We’re forging partnerships that make a real difference. SCA is the conservation service partner of choice in the public and private sectors, largely because of our unique ability to bridge these two areas to leverage available support and maximize impact. We connect resource management agencies, philanthropic foundations, individual donors and sustainable businesses to benefit our land, our youth and our future.

You can help SCA connect thousands of youth to the great outdoors, provide them with unforgettable, life-altering conservation experiences, and instill in them an enduring ethic of stewardship – all while creating a stronger, more sustainable environment. Join us today!