STITCH - Women Organizing for Justice in the US and Central America

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About Us

Mission STITCH is a network of US women unionists, organizers, and activists that builds connections between Central American and US women organizing for economic justice.

Vision STITCH seeks to create a world where women workers are able to improve their lives through organizing and exercising their rights. We envision skilled women workers leading organizations to further their rights in the workplace and in society.

STITCH strives to be accountable to a diverse group of women, in both Central America and the United States, which is reflected in our own leadership and staff. Our programs are developed in collaboration with the women they aim to support.

As women leaders and activists in the US and Central America, we face many of the same challenges, and what we have in common is greater than our differences. By connecting the struggles of diverse women across the US and Central America, we believe that all of our organizations become stronger and women leaders grow and learn from each other.

Strategies In Central America, STITCH provides support to women workers before, during, and after union organizing campaigns by carrying out training exchanges, leadership development workshops, and delegations. These programs increase skills and build ties of understanding between US and Central American women leaders, workers, and activists. STITCH also documents and publicizes the experiences of women workers impacted by the global economy to build solidarity and to assure their voices are heard across borders.

In the United States, STITCH educates the general public about the lives of women workers in Central America. STITCH gives US advocates the information and opportunity to impact corporate and trade policies that affect workers in Central America. STITCH also brings workers from Central America to the United States to exchange ideas and strategies to build the Union and Women’s Movements. In 2006, STITCH launched a new program designed to directly support Latina, Immigrant women workers in the United States. This progam aims to build their leadership skills and works to ensure women's voices are included in the immigration debate. STITCH also works to break down barriers between women of color working toward greater economic justice in the US and the world.