Manifest Men's Wellness Center

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4906 NE 22nd Avenue
United States

About Us

Manifest is a non-profit men’s wellness community empowering diverse men in the Portland, OR area to manifest wellness & love through community.

We empower men to achieve their wellness visions, and address & prevent chronic illness—through the study and practice together of fun, better habits in mind/body/spirit wellness. We do this by offering more than 18 weekly action-oriented programs that meet in more than 80 classes monthly, like yoga, hiking, biking, Qi Gong, nutrition, creative movement, cooking, and recreational/social groups. What makes our approach effective is the friendships & community between men that help them sustain real changes in diet, exercise, & stress management, and our diverse array of classes.

When men pursue their visions of wellness together, they are better able to realize their gifts and heal their communities and families. Working and playing together, they have the time, creativity, and energy to help heal our community’s most important institutions: healthcare, arts & culture, spirituality, and business. When we empower men to heal from the challenges of sexism, homophobia, isolation, & chronic illness we free them to be the gifted leaders, healers, and artists our community so urgently needs.

DIVERSITY: Our events and programs are open to adult men of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors, incomes, orientations, and backgrounds (including trans guys, anyone who identifies as male, or suffers oppression because they are identified as male). As part of our commitment to serving diverse men, no one is turned away from our events due to lack of funds, and we offer work-study and/or scholarships to anyone who requests them.