Initsiativa Regional Youth Council

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About Us

Initsiativa Regional Youth Council is a non-profit association unifying about 14 youth formal and informal groups in Stara Zagora Region. Members vary from children and teenagers to young professionals. Even though Initsiativa was constituted in autumn 2005, it has already emerged as a reputable partner to institutions, non-government organizations, the business sector and media in Bulgaria and abroad. Moreover, our implementation of over 30 youth-targeted projects has lead to a sustainable impact as well as a ceaseless will to intensify our efforts and commitment.

So far our youth work has been focussed on but not limited to: - information and advocacy campaigns; - combatting risks and prevention; - activating leadership; - increasing social awareness; - environment protection; - corporate social responsibility; - entrepreneurship and unemployment; - charity events; - arts and cultural diversity; - discrimination issues; - empowerment and expression; - and many, many more...