Global Poverty Project Ltd

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About Us

Our Vision, Mission & Role

Our vision is a world without extreme poverty within a generation.

Our mission is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to end extreme poverty.

We create media, campaigning and education platforms that allow the public to ensure real action is taken by both Government and private sectors in target countries to contribute our vision.

Our Worldview

We believe that extreme poverty is unnecessary, unfair and unjust. It’s an affront to human dignity ‐ and it calls on us to do something about it.

We recognise that the world’s poor are working hard to fight poverty themselves, and that we need to get behind their efforts by providing direct support, and by removing the barriers that our governments, businesses and even ourselves place in their way.

We know it won’t be quick or easy. Extreme poverty is a hugely complex issue, and we don’t claim to hold the answer to ending poverty, because there is no single answer. Rather, there are 1.4 billion individual answers, one for each of the world’s citizens in extreme poverty.

What we do know is that there are basic needs that have to be met if people are to work themselves out of extreme poverty. There are local systems – governments, economies, societies – that need to work for the poor, not against them. And we know that these systems connect up to a global system in which we have a stake. Global rules, norms, policies and practices that can either unleash the potential of the world’s poor, or keep them locked in of poverty. These aren’t just big things, they’re things that we do on a daily basis – how we learn, talk, buy, give time and money, and use our voice politically.

It’s this flow – from local to national in poor countries, to international, back to national and local in our countries, and then to individual actions and attitudes – that our work is about. Specifically, it it’s about how this interconnected system can be made to better work to fight poverty, and the role that each citizen in our target countries can play in making this happen.